Dearly Departed

Our condolences to family and friends of the following loved ones

Mr Kaushikbhai M Bhatt

of Chigwell, Essex, passed away on 19 August 2018

Mr Bhanuprasad Purshottam Vyas

of Thornton Heath, Surrey, passed away on 04 August 2018

Mr Jatinbhai Harishbhai Purohit

of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 30 July 2018

Mr Jashwantrai Mulshankar Acharya

of Leicester (formally Leyton, Essex), passed away on 24 June 2018

Mr Vinaykumar Narmadashanker  Mehta

of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 03 May 2018

Mrs Manjulaben Bipinchandra Mehta

of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 11 February 2018

Mr Madhusudan J Purohit

of Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex, passed away on 08 January 2018

Mrs Sohagben Vinaykumar Mehta

of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 17 June 2017

Mr Bhupendrabhai (Bachubhai) Bhatt

of Haslemere, Surrey, age 69, passed away on 21 March 2017

Mrs Mrudulaben (Manjulaben) Mahendrabhai Pandya

of South Harrow, Middlesex, passed away on 25 November 2016

Mr Vishvarupbhai Pranshanker Pandya

of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on Tuesday 15 November 2016

Mrs Pratimaben Dineshbhal Pandya

of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 25 March 2016

Mrs Saraswatiben (shashiben) T Purohit

of Wood Green, London, passed away on 18 December 2015

Mrs Shardaben Vishnuprasad Vyas

of Hatch End, Middlesex, aged 91, passed away on 23 August 2015

Mrs Vimlaben Bhanuprasad Vyas

of Croydon, Surrey, passed away on 21 May 2015

Mr Chandrakantbhai Chhotalal Mehta

of Edmonton, London, passed away on 14 March 2015

Mr Dipakbhai Mangalram Mehta

of Wembley, Middlesex, aged 62, passed away on 01 October 2014

Mr Dineshbhai Manilal Pandya

of Stonebridge Park, London, passed away on 05 September 2014

Mrs Hasuben Chandrakantbhai Mehta

of Edmonton, London, aged 81, passed away on 18 May 2014

Mr Natwarlal Tribhovandas Purohit

of Uxbridge, Middlesex, aged 79, passed away on 28 April 2014

Mrs Gayatridevi A Mehta

of East Greenford, Middlesex, passed away on 12 December 2013

Mrs Chandrakantaben Kantilal Shukla

of Brookmans Park (Near Potters Bar), passed away on 09 September 2013

Mr Narendrabhai C Pandya

of Rushey Mead, Leicester, passed away on 26 August 2013

Mr Bipinchandra Narmadashanker Mehta

of Wembley, Middlesex, aged 88, passed away on 22 August 2013

Mrs Sulochanaben Devendrabhai Purohit

of Croydon, Surrey, passed away on 25 July 2013

Mr Rameshchandra Ramchandra Pandya

of Whetstone, London, aged 81, passed away on 19 July 2013

Mrs Hemlataben Kantilal Joshi

of Ruislip, Middlesex, aged 93, passed away on 14 July 2013

Mrs Asmitaben Satishchandra Gor

of Edgware, Middlesex, passed away on 19 May 2013

Mr Jyotindrakumar Jashbhai Pandya

of Tottenham, London, from Sojitra passed away on 04 April 2013

Mr Pratikkumar Ravindrabhai Pandya
Of Isleworth, London, Passed away on 07 May 2012
(Mr Pratikkumar was married to Nikhilaben daughter of Maltiben Dahyabhai Vyas)

Mrs Vimlaben K Upadhyaya
of Ilford, Essex, passed away on 21 August 2010

Mrs Sulochnaben N Vyas
of Kingsbury, London, passed away on 03 January 2010

Mrs Santaben V Purohit
of Chatham, Kent, passed away on 13 November 2009

Mr Rameshbhai A Pandya
of Vadodara, India, passed away on 03 November 2009

Mr Jagdishbhai Pandya
of Croydon, London, passed away on 16 October 2009

Mr Thakordas S Purohit
of Wood Green, London, passed away on 10 April 2009

Mr Bhaskerbhai Ishwarbhai Purohit
of Hounslow, Middlesex, passed away on 10 November 2008

Mrs Hansaben Ushakantbhai Gor
of Northwood, Middlesex, passed away on 26 October 2008

Mrs Bhanuben M Purohit
of Harrow, Middlesex, passed away on 24 February 2008

Mr Surendrabhai N Pandya
of Edmonton, London, passed away on 18 February 2008

Mrs Virbalaben Ramanlal Purohit
of Karamsad, India, passed away on 21 November 2007

Mrs Kalavatiben P. Pandya
of Sudbury, Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 05 October 2007

Mr Sumanbhai Fulasankar Vyas
of Vaso, Gujarat, India, passed away on 06 October 2007

Mr Mukundbhai N Mehta
of Wembley, Middlesex, passed away on 19 September 2007

Mr Jagdishbhai Ambalal Upadhyaya
of Vaso, Gujarat, passed away on 10 July 2007

Mrs Kumudben Joshi, wife of Mr Dinanath Revashankar Joshi,
of Dabhou, Gujarat, passed away on 30 June 2007

Mrs Sarojben C Vyas
of Harrow, Middlesex, aged 84, passed away on Friday 18 May 2007

Mrs Jyotsnaben S. Bhatt
of Vaso, Gujarat, India, passed away on Saturday 05 May 2007

Mrs Shakuntalaben Narharibhai Shukla
of London, passed away on Thursday 19 April 2007

Mr Krishnakantbhai K Purohit
of London, passed away on Tuesday 20 February 2007

Mrs Sunandanben Kanubhai Purohit
of Khandhli, Gujarat, India, passed away on Saturday 05 August 2006

Mr Mahendrabhai Himatlal Pandya
of London, sadly passed away on Sunday 28 May 2006

Mrs Taraben Shantilal Gor
of London, passed away on Wednesday 10 May 2006

Mr Prakashbhai Keshavblal Purohit
of London, passed away on Thursday 09 February 2006 in London, UK

Mr Kanakprashad S Pandya
of London, passed away on Sunday 11 December 2005

Mr Bhupendrabhai Rasiklal Gor
of London, passed away on Friday 07 October 2005

Mrs Chandrabhaghaben Vasudevbhai Gor
of London, passed away on Wednesday 17 August 2005

Shanti Shanti Shanti
May they rest in eternal peace and happiness
They will be missed very much by us all